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About Indian National Science Academy (INSA)

The Indian National Science Academy (INSA) is the premier science academy of India with a crucial role in promoting, recognizing and rewarding excellence in sciences. Acting as a link between the scientific community and planners, it advises the government on critical issues relating to science and technology. It also serves as a forum for interactions among scientists within and outside the country.

Accomplished scientists are honoured through election to its Fellowship. It recognizes outstanding young scientists, engineers, technologists and historians of science through award of medals/prizes and by providing modest financial support for pursuing research. Academy has instituted many awards/medals and prestigious Research Professorships to recognize and promote excellence in different fields. Superannuated fellows of the Academy can be supported through Senior Scientist and Honorary Scientist programmes. The Academy has established exchange programmes with different overseas Academies to facilitate visits of Indian scientists' to research institutions abroad and of foreign scientists to India for lectures/scientific discussions.

One of the other important tasks of the Indian National Science Academy is to publish journals, organize scientific discussions and bring out monographs and other publications.
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Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy

Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy is one of the three journals published by the Indian National Science Academy. The other two are:

1. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics 

2. Indian Journal of History of Science


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